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StarHub’s objective was to be the first to launch 5G in Singapore, beating Singtel. Our objective was to create the launch 5G campaign with a game-changing idea that cuts through the clutter, has a unique look and feel and makes all comms immediately recognisable and ownable.



Our campaign approach sets out to explain, in a simple way, the benefits of 5G to businesses and consumers. We wanted to take on the responsibility of explaining what 5G is and how it will improve Singaporean lives. We wanted to own the 5G conversation.

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Our “Hello” to the benefits campaign was highly segmented as it seeks to unpack the benefits to specific customers i.e. Consumers, Businesses, Tech adopters, Gamers, Businesspeople, TV & Film lovers etc, and answer their needs directly.

Our campaign was digital first, so short, punchy video was key. We created 5×15 second short videos for key segments, served through highly targeted online placement and a longer 30 second video for YouTube, in-store and Cinema. Videos were cut to work for each specific format.

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The 5G campaign ran in Q3, 2020 and its effectiveness was measured by StarHub’s Brand Health Tracker. The tracker showed two key measures during this time that proved the effectiveness of the campaign. In Q3, BHT showed an upside trend for the first time after a few quarters of decline, in all key measures!

The campaign itself was evaluated and it cut through, was simple to understand and memorable, making a positive impact on the brand overall.

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