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Refreshing Singapore's number two Telco for it's 20th anniversary. After 20 years as the main challenger telco brand in Singapore, StarHub was seeking to reposition itself from a telco brand to a tech brand. We refreshed the brand identity, making it digital-first, and reflecting the extent to which it had grown from a small player into a leader with an enduring challenger spirit.

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The StarHub brand was created in a time before Google, the iPhone, Facebook or Alibaba existed. Over the past twenty years StarHub played its part in driving incredible technological change and witnessed people leading more digital lives. But its visual identity needed to be brought up to date into a social and digital environment. We brought the portal, a visual device in the old logo, to life to become a gateway to a new world of content and entertainment.

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Our solution was a refreshed brand identity with a much more digital-first set of colours, fonts and brand assets along with a new brand strategy.

We successfully repositioned StarHub from a telco to a tech brand, well adopted by all three business divisions and made it ready for a digital world.



Fifa World Cup Qatar

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Fifa World Cup Qatar


Premier League Season 2022/23


Premier League Season 2022/23

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