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NEO is a new premium paint brand with global aspirations. Our brief was to position NEO as an international quality, sophisticated brand that is an expert on colours and then to create a brand campaign to launch NEO into Pakistan. Our insight was that aspirational people were looking for international inspiration and quality to bring into their homes. Our advertising proposition was therefore made to be ‘NEO brings you the colours of the world’.



The films were created for specific formats, a 30 second spot for TV and YouTube, then a series of 15 second and 7 second formats for Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. The music was catchy too. At the time of writing this the YouTube format film had been running for less than one week and had already gained 1.8m views. We look forward to bringing more results to this page when we get them.

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The Pakistan paint market is busy with lots of local brands as well as international brands. What we noticed was that they were all similar in their marketing approaches, relying on traditional TV commercials that feature happy people painting their homes. As a new paint brand in the market we needed to do something different to cut through and make the most of the media budget.

The campaign creative shows places from all over the world and the colours that were inspired from there in fast paced, punchy, beautiful films that show a world of colour brought home by NEO.

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Videos were created for TikTok, in 15 second and 7 second formats. Videos were created for digital advertising. Videos were created for Facebook and Instagram, in 15 second and 7 second formats.



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