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Our brief was to create two on-platform campaigns aimed at Bangladeshi women and the men in their lives that would change perceptions of Facebook, overcoming the social barriers preventing Bangladeshi women from using Facebook regularly.

Women in Bangladesh were one of the very few pockets of people globally who were not yet frequent users of Facebook. The specific barriers preventing Bangladeshi women from using Facebook were twofold: Safety - a sense that their profiles could be used or even hacked for immoral purposed. Relevance - a lack of understanding around how Facebook could enhance their lives in meaningful ways.

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The objective of the campaign was to connect people (especially women) with the more engaging side of Facebook through Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages & Facebook Watch. We curated content from existing Bangladeshi groups and influencers that would appeal to women in Bangladesh and give them a sense of how to use Facebook for the betterment of themselves and their families, or even for economic benefit.

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Our Ethnographic research revealed that many Bangladeshi women, artists and content creators were using illustration to express themselves on social media. Our creative team brought this idea to life with an illustrative visual language for the campaign, picking up on expressive local details such as clothing and accessories that were intrinsically Bangladeshi, whilst allowing a variety of fresh and contemporary illustration styles to be explored by our in-house team of illustrators.

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