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Seven has worked with Coca Cola Africa since 2011, launching numerous campaigns across 39 markets in Central, Eastern and Western Africa. In particular we have been responsible for ‘Africanizing’ campaigns from Atlanta, across print, digital and retail point of sale. We adapted Coke's annual Refreshment campaign for Africa as well as the “Billion Reasons to Believe in Africa” campaign. We have also been responsible for Coke Africa’s communication of their sponsorship of the London 2012 Olympics.

Coca Cola Africa Marketing - DJ and Singer

Are you Africa’s next top DJ, Singer or Model?

Coca-Cola Youth Marketing

In 2011 Seven were asked to create a platform for youth engagement across Africa. We ran workshops with youth and with the Coca Cola teams to generate potential platforms for youth engagement, brought the platforms to life and worked with Coke and youth to evaluate the platforms and translate them into campaigns, merchandising and social media campaigns.

six COCA COLA Bottles with different designs

Coca cola marketing branding for Africa

Refreshment Campaign

Seven worked with Coca-Cola to Africanize their annual global “Refreshment” campaign. We mashed up their iconic brand and refreshment cues with African iconography to create a visual language for the campaign that was as iconically African as it was Coke.

Coca Cola Refreshment Campaign Posters depicting Continent of Africa

Refreshing Africa

Billion Reasons to Believe in Africa

Seven worked with Coca Cola to “Africanize” the “Billion reasons to believe” campaign from Atlanta through the line.

COCA COLA Marketing Campaign posters - are you ready to shine

One Refreshment, Are you Ready to Shine, We always Shine

Coca-Cola Print Newspaper Advertising

Because it is the home of the best music in the world

Pan-African Packaging

Seven brought the Billion Reasons to Believe in Africa to life across Coke’s packaging which was rolled out across 39 markets in Central, Eastern and Western Africa.

Coke-Case-Study Coca Cola Cans

Cans of Coca Cola with images of a bottle and Africa

Tanzania & Uganda Retail POS Audit

Seven conducted research in Tanzania and Uganda to explore how the Coke brand could strengthen its position. We audited retail outlets from Dukas to supermarkets and reviewed the advertising in market and presented recommendations on how to improve competitive stand out in the market and how to improve Coke’s presence at point of sale.

Coca-Cola Brand Ambassador Program

We took a global initiative from Atlanta aimed at uniting all employees around the Coke brand and localized it for the business units across Africa.

Coca-Cola Outdoor Advertising

We are a family of believers who take action – Coca Cola Africa

Marketing the Category

Seven worked with the Coca-Cola marketing team to write the strategy for the “Marketing the Category” project aimed at countering negativity around the carbonated sector. We reviewed Coke’s scientific research, market research and looked at public opinion across Africa. From our findings, we created a series of communication platforms aimed at changing perceptions.

Active Healthy Living

We branded The Coca Cola Company’s Active Healthy Living program for Africa across their carbonated brands, Coca Cola, Sprite and Fanta and created communications and merchandising for the initiative.

Coca-Cola marketing Materials - Hat and Bottles

Skip Jump, Active, Slam throw branding bottles hats and flip flops



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