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World cup win

Bahrain wins bid to host 2018 World Cup at Gravity Indoor Skydiving

Seven Brands is pleased to congratulate our client Gravity, on winning the bid to become the host venue for the third FAI World Cup Indoor Skydiving event.


Seven’s client Gravity Indoor Skydiving brings home the World Cup bid after presenting

to the World Air Sports committee in Faro, Portugal.

Bahrain is the first Middle-Eastern country to host the global sporting event, seeing off

bids from nations around the world to win the vote of the panel. The 2018 World Cup

event will attract over 350 competitors from 20 countries, supporting Bahrain’s vision

to become a sporting destination.

Gravity is Bahrain’s first indoor skydiving venue and home to one of the world’s tallest

glass wind tunnels. Launched in December 2015, the brand set aspirations to become

an international player within this growing sporting community, attracting professional

flyers around the world to experience their world-class tunnel.

Gravity has been a client of Seven’s since 2014, when we helped to create the brand.

Seven designed the brand strategy, visual identity, retail graphics, social media and launch

of the brand into the market. We continue to partner with the Gravity team to support

ongoing advertising and marketing communications.


“This win for Gravity is what we are in business to achieve, helping local brands to compete on

the world’s stage”


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